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Disruptive technologies like 3D Printing, generative design and robotics are creating a world of new possibilities for fun, engaging, well-paying jobs without college degrees!

Blue Collar jobs that once drove economies are now New Collar Jobs that can build and strengthen our communities.  And many require specialized training, but not necessarily a college degree.

The New Collar Network is a group of educators, employers, concerned citizens, parents and policy makers that are looking to make a difference through new models of education and economic development.  Collectively people can come together to utilize technology to build strong communities where families can thrive.

Check out our programs, Digital Badge trainings, collaborations and materials.  Join us today in utilizing new, cool technologies like 3D Printing, robotics, CAD design and more for common good.

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Special Feature:

Futurist and visionary Avi Reichental, Founder and CEO of XponentialWorks, introduces the book with his predictions for the Future of Work.  The chapter sets the stage for engaging, cool, stories from the people who work in 3D Printing, generative design, laser micro-machining, robotics, 3D scanning and more!

See & Hear the Stories of People
Who Work in New Collar Jobs
Right on your Phone!

Augmented Reality [AR] technology is embedded directly in the People of the New Collar Workforce book, bringing to life the stories of today’s workers.

Simply download the free Realityx2 SmartPhone App, then trigger the video link in each photo like in the demo below. You will quickly see and hear from students and incumbent workers, who are finding engaging, fun, well-paying careers utilizing 3D Printing, generative design, robots, drones, gaming, digital design, autonomous vehicles, and more in their everyday work tasks.

You will learn which skills and training are necessary for these jobs and the inspiring personal stories of how each person came to work in the New Collar Workforce.

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Watch a Demo For Yourself of
AR Bringing the Book to Life!

The New Collar Workforce Book

Armed with data from 200 employers, this highly readable book lays out the skills needed to work with new technologies like 3D Printing, robotics, drones, AR & VR, and predictive analytics.  The changing workplace naturally leads to recommendations for non-traditional training programs to qualify for these new collar jobs, often without college degrees.

Get your hard cover, soft cover or digital version from Photonics Media Press today!