Digital Badges

A 21st Century Path to Engaging, Well-paying Digital New Collar Jobs Without a College Degree!

Digital Badges are micro-certifications that provide affordable, short-term verifications of specific skills. 


New Collar Network digital badges adhere to the international Open Badge standards and were also approved by the US Department of Labor as the formal training component in a new Registered Apprenticeship for 3D Printing Technicians.

The badges are issued by the North American Digital Fabrication Alliance, a non-profit organization of colleges and universities, Fab Labs, businesses, K – 12 schools, and maker spaces that is a recognized organization in the international Fab Lab Network founded at MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms.

Digital Badges are transforming education and you can get started now!



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Self-Paced Classes

“My design grew and improved in ways I never could have initially predicted.”

Leina Gries

Intro to Digital Design digital badge course, Ponoma College

“This class has been incredible to someone that has zero technical experience with computers… the fact that I’m working on the leading edge of technology is exciting for me.”

Ben Slota

Fusion 360 digital badge course, New Collar Innovation Center

“Having this education … gives me that sense of stability knowing that I’m developing skills [for a] future with new industries.”

Dora Bostater

Fusion 360 digital badge course, New Collar Innovation Center

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