Digital Badge: Design for 3D Printing Instructor-Led


Design for FDM 3D Printing gives you the skill to design specifically for the unique parameters of 3D Printing.
The portable digital badge micro-credential verifies your achievement in

  • Recognizing unique properties of 3-D printing, versus subtractive manufacturing techniques.
  • Applying 3-D printing considerations to CAD design.
  • Understanding the best CAD programs to use for designing 3-D printed parts.
  • Designing a part that is optimized for FDM 3-D printing.

PRE-REQUISITE: Digital Badge: Intro to Digital Design or equivalent [certificate in a CAD program or proof of competency such as a design file required].

If Registering for Group Class Please Provide List of Attendees with Full Names and Corresponding Email Addresses in Box Below Separated by Commas


Led by instructor Alec Kerr online Mondays and Thursdays from 5 – 6:30 p.m. Mountain Time
April 4 to 28 with home practice required


The Design for 3D Printing badge is earned by demonstrating your skills in a project of your choice. Your project can include designing jewelry, industrial parts, small sculptures, household items, consumer products, or anything else that you can imagine. We’ll work with you to choose a project that is achievable in the period of time allocated to the class.
Free online software or you can use the CAD design software that you already know but requires your own laptop or desktop computer.

Santa Fe Instructor-led virtual classes are taught with interactive design review & group discussion via free GoToMeeting platform. Your designs will be 3D Printed and photographed for the iterative design process in your own self-practice and weekly class peer review. Final design will be printed, disinfected and mailed to students if necessary if you don’t already have a 3D Printer.

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Dayton Regional STEM School, Fab Lab Baltimore at the Community College of Baltimore County, Fab Lab El Paso, Fab Lab Tulsa, HEC Fab Lab Hub, IDEA Lab at Red Rocks Community College, Lemelson-MIT Program, Lorrain County Community College, MakerspaceCT, Not offered right now check back later, The 3D Printing Store Powered by Accucode