Digital Badge: Design for 3D Printing Self-Paced Online


Your start to a new career in 3D Printing. Whether you are adding 3D Printing to a current job or looking for a fresh start in an exciting new field, Design for 3D Printing is the first step in your journey. You’ll earn a Digital Badge in Design for 3-D Printing. This portable credential verifies your achievement:

  • Recognizing unique properties of 3-D printing, versus subtractive manufacturing techniques.
  • Applying 3-D printing considerations to CAD design.
  • Understanding the best CAD programs to use for designing 3-D printed parts.
  • Designing a part that is optimized for 3-D printing.

Your project can include designing jewelry, industrial parts, small sculptures, household items, consumer products, or anything else that you can imagine. Course price includes price for course and $50 lab fee for 3D Printing parts for virtual review.

PRE-REQUISITE: Intro to Digital Design digital badge or equivalent [certificate or proof of competency required]. Also make sure and check out the full array of options available for taking the class from our Self-Paced On-line version to our Instructor-led both on site as well as on-line! Lots of options to choose from so you can do what works best for you!

If Registering for Group Class Please Provide List of Attendees with Full Names and Corresponding Email Addresses in Box Below Separated by Commas


Today’s technologies let you learn at your own pace, practice as much as you’d like using free, online CAD design software, compile a portfolio to solve a real world problem, and earn an industry-recognized Digital Badge micro-certification.

Our state-of-the-art Blackboard Learning Management System will lead you through the course.  Mentoring by real live experts in the field will help you work through any questions and you’ll be able to sign up for online “office hours”.  You’ll also be able to collaborate with other learners in the program.

Once you complete your purchase here, you’ll receive an email in 24 hours from our New Collar Network Blackboard system with your login credentials.
You can get started immediately.  There is no minimum amount of time to complete the course as long as you submit a project portfolio to the system that is then evaluated to earn the badge.
Pretty easy!

Get started today on your path to a new career in 3D Printing!


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