“How to Get a New Collar Job” eBook


An updated look at how New Collar jobs utilizing disruptive technologies like 3D Printing are changing the future of work across industries.
More importantly, the book provides a practical guide for high school and post-secondary students, displaced workers, incumbent workers, and anyone interested in finding a path to an engaging, well-paying career without a college degree.



Updating the highly praised book, The New Collar Workforce, Sarah Boisvert explains how disruptive technologies are spreading quickly across industries.  3D Printing, lasers, robotics, AI, digital design, predictive analytics, and more have moved off the factory floor to agriculture, warehousing, healthcare, retail, education, and transportation.  The new technologies require New Collar digital workers and many of the positions don’t require a college degree, but rather command of a skillset. With a visionary forward by Fab Foundation President and CEO Sherry Lassiter, the book delves into the many innovative programs that have sprung up, often from Fab Labs and Makerspaces.  It offers a look at the economical, short-term education and training models that lead to well-paying, engaging jobs that are here today.

Available July 2022


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