Professional Development: Laser Safety Digital Badge Self-Paced

One of the most popular tools in digital fabrication, lasers have unique properties that make them especially hazardous without proper procedures.
Be sure your lab is operating safely by earning this digital badge that will give you in-depth understanding of how lasers generate light and how that light is used to mark or machine a wide range of materials. Check out the full array of options available for taking the class from our Self-Paced On-line version to our Instructor-led both on site as well as on-line! Lots of options to choose from so you can do what works best for you!

Lasers are potentially the most hazardous tools in a digital fabrication laboratory since many people are not familiar with the properties of laser light or the physics of laser-material interaction.  Digital Badge earners will:

  • Understand the fundamentals of laser light generation and how photons interact with materials.
  • Identify LIA and OSHA laser safety guidelines.
  • Have knowledge of the beam and non-beam hazards inherent to laser operation.
  • Be familiar with standard Control Measures and Safety Guidelines.
  • Know how to choose an appropriate safety program for their facility.
  • Taught by Larry Dosser, Laser Institute of America Board member and Laser Safety Officer.

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Our classes come in three forms:

1. Self-Paced/Project-Based On-Line (Learn on demand, on your time, at your pace)

2. Instructor-Led On-line When/Where Available or Necessary

3. Instructor-Led On-Location Nationwide When/Where Available

At Santa Fe, NM Locations Instructor-led virtual classes will be taught with interactive design review & discussion via free GoToMeeting platform. Your designs will be 3D Printed and photographed for the iterative design process in your own self-practice and weekly class peer review. Final design will be printed, disinfected and mailed to students when necessary. We also offer an entirely Self-Paced on-line, on demand option! Lots of choices to choose from that work best for you!

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