A Match Made in Heaven:  Paralyzed Bunny Finds New High-Tech Legs From 3D Printing Apprentices Building Covid-Proof Careers


No more up and down times for Yo-Yo the bunny nor for the recently hired New Collar Network US DOL Registered Apprentices who are giving her new hind legs while pandemic-proofing their careers.  The New Mexico House Rabbit Society [NMHRS] known for rescuing rabbits, (an all too often discarded pet) has found the perfect partner to help give Yo-Yo the bunny a new life. Yo-Yo suffered a spinal injury that left both her hind legs paralyzed. Enter-the New Collar Network whose Co-Founder Sarah Boisvert happens to own two house bunnies herself. Her first rabbit Miss Julie is an internet starlet who’s in regular Twitter conversation with Former Vice-President Pence’s bunny, Marlon Bundo, and Sarah’s second bunny is the newly-attained Mr. Grayson vying to win Miss Julie’s heart and so charming and cute he just might succeed, even given the stiff competition from the former BOTUS [Bunny of the United States].

The good news for Yo-Yo is that the New Collar Network specializes in Lifelong Learning for digital Manufacturing jobs and works closely with industry. In March of 2021, Alec Kerr and Jed Beddo, two New Mexico natives displaced from hospitality jobs when Covid hit, were hired as full time apprentices to learn-as-you-earn at Fab Lab Hub. The manufacturing service provider in Santa Fe, NM collaborates with and helped co-found the non-profit New Collar Network in order to provide 21st century career opportunities without the need for college degrees.

With the help of IBM, America Makes, and Youngstown State University, Fab Lab Hub was able to get a registered apprenticeship program approved by the US Dept. of Labor to train 3D Printing technicians using the New Collar Network’s digital badge micro-certifications. Sarah explains, “apprenticeships are great, successful programs to train our workforce, but we need to have them available for New Collar jobs that use skills like operating a 3D Printer or designing in CAD. These kinds of well-paying, engaging jobs often don’t require any college and are the future of a New Middle Class.”

As it turns out, Sarah is a 30-year advanced manufacturing veteran in producing medical devices and has great contacts in the space, including Adam Hecht at Dive Design in New Jersey that has extensive experience 3D Printing prosthetics for animals. Adam has been amazingly generous of his time, teaching the apprentices and working on a solution that is viable for rabbit anatomy. Lucky for sweet Yo-Yo, it is these folks working together that will help her move around again – a win/win for all and match made in heaven.


 But we need YOU to help the New Mexico House Rabbit Society
with medical bills for Yo-Yo!

Currently Yo-Yo has undergone her first surgery to remove one hind leg, and she has yet to undergo her second surgery to amputate her remaining immobile leg. Once she’s healed, she’ll be ready for her prosthetic fitting.  Liz, Yo-Yo’s foster Mom and the main resource for special needs rabbits at the NMHRS, says that there are wheelchair-like prosthetics out there but bunnies are so much smaller, weigh much less, and have a totally unique anatomy for hopping.

As anyone with a house rabbit knows, not all vets are trained in caring for these members of the Leporidae family of mammals. So Yo-Yo has a special exotic pet doc and medicine is not cheap for any human or pet these days.  We want to help the NM House Rabbit Society cover her extensive vet bills including amputation, follow up care, and meds.

If you care about fur babies and giving them great quality of life, while providing experience for 3D Printing apprentices, contribute today to our non-profit’s fundraiser.  Here’s the New Collar Network’s official North American Digital Fabrication Alliance 501(c)3 letter from the IRS.

Yo-Yo will thank you, as well as the apprentices who are learning so much in their new careers!


Yo-Yo, the Paralyzed bunny, awaiting new 3D Printed hind legs

Alec Kerr [left] & Jed Beddo, US DOL registered 3D Printing 
apprentices, discussing models for Yo-Yo’s new legs

Actually Yo-Yo and Marlon Bundo 
have a striking resemblance!
He is also an author!