Digital Badges

A 21st Century Path to Engaging, Well-paying Digital New Collar Jobs Without a College Degree!

New Collar Digital Badges are Affordable, Short Term, Micro-certifications Giving Workers the Specific Skills In-demand for Today’s Engaging,
Well-paying jobs!

Yesterday’s Blue Collar Jobs are now digital New Collar Jobs using fun tools right out of science fiction like 3D Printing and Robotics! New Collar jobs span industries from dental offices to Amazon warehouses and Walmart Stores to Meta [Facebook] development teams.

Best of all, hiring practices are changing and many companies now don’t require a college degree if you can demonstrate the skills they need!


New Collar Digital Badge Advantages

  • Adhere to international OpenBadge Standards to ensure reliability of certifications
  • Can be shared with potential employers or college admissions officers
  • The badges are issued by the North American Digital Fabrication Alliance, an organization of colleges and universities, Fab Labs, businesses, K – 12 schools, and maker spaces that is a recognized organization in the international Fab Lab Network founded at MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms in the Media Lab.
  • 3D Printing subject matter badges were developed in collaboration with America Makes, the national 3D Printing accelerator partially funded by the US Dept. of Defense
  • Approved by the US Department of Labor as the formal training component in a new Registered Apprenticeship for 3D Printing Technicians
  • Approved as the basis of a 3D Printing pre-apprenticeship partially funded by Los Alamos National Lab 

Digital Badges are transforming education and you can get started now!



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 3D Printing Technician Master Badge



Online Self-Paced Classes

12-weeks, in person, full time, Monday – Friday
Cost $12,500

Bootcamp not only results in Master Badge micro-certification, introductions are made to potential employers in the region.

Instructor-Led Classes

Virtual On-line Instructor-led Classes with Hands-on Self-Practice in Your Home, School, or Workplace!


In person classes are offered in Santa Fe, NM or at one of the locations listed on the lower right on this page.


Here are some upcoming Instructor-Led classes including some that are hybrid – virtual and in person.

Don’t go it alone! With a steep learning curve, you’ll have an Instructor’s help either online or in person to speed your path to mastering powerful
CAD Design software.
Starts July 15, 2024

I was laid off during Covid as a heavy equipment operator at Ski Santa Fe, and at 50 years old am now getting interviews at Los Alamos National Lab!

Ben Slota

Master Badge, FDM 3DPrinting Technician, New Collar Innovation Center

My design grew and improved in ways I never could have initially predicted.

Leina Gries

Intro to Digital Design digital badge course, Ponoma College

Having this education … gives me that sense of stability knowing that I’m developing skills [for a] future with new industries.

Dora Bostater

Fusion 360 digital badge course, New Collar Innovation Center

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New Collar Digital Badges

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